Risk and Regulation Support

Our business risk and regulation team work extensively with clients in the agriculture sector, from smaller family farms to multi-national food producers. We can help you in navigate the complex regulatory regimes and specific issues relevant to the sector.

Advice and Compliance Guidance

Drawing upon extensive legal and technical knowledge, we can guide you through the specific regulatory challenges you face. We can help you design appropriate risk management documents, policies procedures, and management systems to improve your health and safety or environmental credentials, and to protect you and your business.

For larger or intensive agriculture operations, we can assist in risk management around environmental permitting, construction and engineering projects and the management of supply chain issues around food safety, provenance and animal welfare. We are accustomed to dealing with compliance issues in the spotlight of the national media.

With a breadth of experience across all areas of regulatory compliance, we can help identify additional regulatory regimes following farm diversification projects Ensuring you get proper advice from the outset is crucial to maximise and protect the benefits of your new enterprise. This could include advice during barn or building construction and conversion, renewable energy or AD plant projects, introduction of public activities such as adventure centres or petting zoos and registration as a food business.

Please see our Business Risk and Regulation pages for more information on our areas of specialism, or contact a member of our team who would be happy to discuss your specific needs in more detail.

Crisis Management

Unfortunately, we understand that even with the best plans in place, incidents can still occur. As a result, we can also assist you with crisis management and regulator investigations following an incident to support you and your business through some of the toughest challenges you will face.

Whilst we can become involved at any stage, we are committed to the principle of ‘defending early’. We will aim to meet with you at our offices or on site within hours of an incident occurring to start mitigating potential civil and criminal repercussions.

Getting the proper support early on can help you manage the flow of information to regulators, whilst also providing an intermediary between you and the investigators - allowing you to take the time you need to recover, support your staff and customers and get your business back up and running.

To find out more, you can read our FAQs, or get in touch to discuss your concerns with our approachable and pragmatic team. Visit the Agriculture page


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