Fraud Warning

Fraud awareness & Digital security

Criminals often target Law Firms and set up false websites and email addresses and then send emails to members of the public supposedly from the law firm directing them to the false website. This is a scam and is intended to defraud the individual who has been targeted.

Act cautiously for your own protection

  • Do not follow unsolicited web links and do not open unsolicited e-mail messages.
  • Check that email addresses match our domain (previously used scam addresses have included  and
  • Ashfords do not use Gmail, Hotmail or other web based email accounts.
  • Do not respond to emails requesting you provide banking or other personal information.
  • If in doubt, please check the authenticity with us risk&

Known fraud scams

Warning: letter misusing the name of Ashfords LLP and Joanne Say | November 2023

We are award of a letter falsely claiming to be from Ashfords LLP in relation to an outstanding payment. The letter claims to be from ‘Joanne Say’ and asks the recipient to pay £8500 immediately.

The letter misuses our name, address and telephone number and is a scam.

Please read the scam alert from the Solicitors Regulation Authority for more information.