Farm Diversification

What is Farm Diversification?

Farm Diversification happens when a food-producing farming business branches out into other areas of business, such as agricultural contracting, the renewable energy sector, retail, leisure or food processing.

We have an excellent track record in working with a diverse range of businesses including agricultural land owners, tenant farmers, feedstock suppliers and retail & leisure operators, helping those clients to realise the full potential of their commercial opportunities. If you would like help on diversifying into leisure and tourism, retail or energy production, speak with our Agriculture specialists.

Diversifying into the Renewable Energy Sector

We have an in-depth understanding of both the Agriculture Sector and the Renewables Sector. We are well equipped to tell you how to develop a scheme that complements your core business, whether the renewable energy is to be derived from a project that is based on wind, solar, biomass or anaerobic digestion technology.

Diversifying into the Retail Sector

We advise with vast specific sector knowledge to help reduce risks and nurture growth in your business. We support you to develop strategies for success in the Retail Sector.

We have helped landowners set up farm shops, as well as funding, establishing or constructing concession stores, employment of staff, trademarks and brand protection, health and safety and food hygiene.

Diversifying into the Leisure and Tourism Sector

We have experience in helping businesses diversify into the Tourism Sector. We can advise you in holiday park operators in terms of planning and local authority licensing of caravan and mobile home sites. We can support you in negotiating fishing and shooting rights as well as advising on other aspects of ongoing commercial relationships, including debt recovery and resolving disputes.

Diversifying into the Food Processing Sector

Food production is a core activity for the Agriculture Sector and the increased popularity of artisanal products has provided fresh impetus to those wishing to consolidate profits by diversifying into processing the raw products of agriculture into value-added consumer ready goods.

Read about our relevant experience. Visit the Agriculture page. Read our FAQs: Farm Diversification.


  • Renewable energy generation
  • Holding parks, camping and tourism
  • Leisure and play areas
  • Brand protection
  • Retail outlets
  • Agricultural produce / livestock products
  • Funding and tax advice
  • Rural sporting rights

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