What is Agribusiness?

An Agribusiness is any business which earns most of its revenue from the Agriculture Sector including farming and farming related commercial activities such as agricultural suppliers, retail and leisure operators in a rural or agricultural context.

We have an excellent track record in working with agribusinesses a diverse range of businesses including agricultural land owners, tenant farmers, feedstock suppliers and retail & leisure operators, helping our clients to realise the full potential of their commercial opportunities.

Business Acquisition and sale

If you are buying or selling a business you will want to be satisfied that the price you are paying or receiving reflects good value for you.

We work together so that you are aware of the commercial upsides and downsides when entering into
a business sale/purchase transaction, delivering to you targeted, relevant and Agriculture Sector-specific advice.

Selling your products

If you are in the business of selling goods or services you will want to make sure that you have the right arrangements in place to ensure that your business is legally compliant with the rules applicable to your sector, and sell the product on terms that reflect the correct balance of price and risk/reward.

Protecting your assets

Turning an idea into a functioning business and then ensuring that you can continue to exploit that idea in the longer term is a key challenge for businesses in the Agriculture Sector, where the market is constantly evolving and products continually develop.

Financing your Business

We have extensive experience of acting for lenders and borrowers across a range of sectors. We have expertise in acquisition finance, property & development finance, structured lending, asset finance, leveraged finance, project finance, trade finance and invoice discounting.

Read about our relevant experience. Visit the Agriculture page.


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