Compulsory Purchase

A number of public bodies have the power to compulsorily acquire land and rights from third parties. Compensation is then payable to the affected owner for the loss of their land or interest, calculated in accordance with the CPO compensation code.

Compulsory purchase is a complex area of law, but when used properly a compulsory purchase order (CPO) is an effective means for public authorities to acquire land and rights for site assembly. In using such powers, the public authority must compensate affected parties for the interference in their private property rights and their losses.

The entitlement to compensation for those affected is evaluated in accordance with the 'compensation code'. We have experience of acting for both acquiring authorities looking to assemble land through CPO, and representing affected landowners and businesses.

We provide training on compulsory purchase and compensation, which like many other areas of planning law is changing continually - most recently thanks to provisions included in the Housing and Planning Act 2016 and the Neighbourhood Planning Act 2017.


  • Statutory powers of compulsory acquisition
  • Advise planning authorities and developers promoting CPOs
  • Represent individuals affected by a CPO
  • Negotiate compromise agreements for both acquiring authorities and individuals affected by a CPO
  • Appropriate alternative development
  • Negotiate CPO indemnity agreements

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