Operational Renewables Projects

Ashfords' specialist Energy & Resource Management team has a strong track record advising clients on all matters relating to renewable energy, energy from waste, energy infrastructure and innovation projects. We support clients throughout the full lifecycle of their project from the initial structuring and financing phase through to their construction and operation.

With the Feed-in Tariff now closed to new applicants (from 1 April 2019), and the Smart Export Guarantee still a twinkle in the government’s eye, now is an opportune moment to assess where the challenges and opportunities lie for operational solar assets.

Ashfords’ Energy & Resource Management team and Roadnight Taylor (a leading independent power and energy consultancy) have joined forces to explore the investment opportunities and risks that exist for owners of renewable energy assets and those seeking to diversify.


Contributor: Roadnight Taylor

Roadnight Taylor is a leading independent power and energy consultancy with over 100 years of combined grid and energy experience. Their expertise spans a variety of technologies - including battery storage, gas gensets and renewables such as solar, wind and hydro.

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