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Whether you are a disruptor or a more established organisation, we understand the challenges that you may face in a highly regulated area and will work with you to find the most suitable solution. We deliver pragmatic advice on various areas of fintech, from data migration and analysis to payment solutions, payment processing and predictive technology.

The commercial questions

The financial sector is well adept in adopting new technologies that promise better, faster and more competitive products. However, these promises come with a price. Established organisations which have the resources to develop or purchase new technologies may not be as flexible when it comes to integrating the new technology with their existing systems. The transitional phase is often costly, which deters many businesses from making the necessary changes. In comparison, start-ups and smaller companies have the structure that allows swift change and implementation, but may encounter challenges in commercialisation, obtaining further funding and scaling-up the business.

Recent application of powerful technology such as blockchain, big data and AI has enabled unprecedented disruption to the market. It has challenged conventional financial services and the standard business model of financial institutions. Market participants face constant pressure to innovate whilst maintaining compliant with heavy regulatory requirements.

The legal questions

The disruptive nature of new technology in this sector requires an innovative approach to legal issues.

Greater collaboration and wider reliance on open source software has demanded a new way of dealing with intellectual property that matches the industry’s collaboration.

In a world that is driven by data, consumers and businesses want data usage transparency as well as greater analytics. This is externally, for example in respect of consumer spending habits, and also internally, to create efficiencies in security, fraud and pricing. We recognise that the way a business collects and utilises data is integral for building trust and efficiencies.

Finally, we should not forget crypto-assets and virtual currencies: the newcomers to the market which have stolen the spot light. These products create a new class of asset that transcends jurisdictional borders. We have worked with companies in the creation, launch and ongoing use of utility tokens, security tokens and payment tokens.

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Working with us

Our experience advising clients within the fintech sector will enable us to pre-empt the commercial and legal challenges that you my face and deliver valuable solutions.

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