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At Ashfords we love working with people who are turning great ideas into the next generation of businesses, and we are privileged to work with some of the most exciting technology companies in the UK and beyond as well as some of the world's leading venture capital funds.

Our team can help your business take the next step in its growth, whatever that looks like. Our experts can advise on fundraising (seed, crowdfunding, venture capital, growth) through to M&A and IPOs, help you protect your intellectual property and brand, and navigate issues such has employment, options and regulation.

From speaking to founders and investors alike, we understand that access to legal expertise for new businesses can be challenging when they are striving to accomplish so much with limited resources. Our team is committed to the technology ecosystem and has developed this page to provide a selection of resources for entrepreneurs and technology companies.

Often venture capital deals start with a term sheet. Ashfords' Technology Team have published a series of posts aimed at de-mystifying term sheets for entrepreneurs and start-ups. View these articles.

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