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We have the expertise to provide end-to-end support for your AI project. Whether you are introducing a new system to the market, searching for funding to scale up your business or integrating a module into your existing IT estate, we can deliver commercial and legal solutions for your business.  

The commercial questions

We are surrounded by products which utilise AI. Technology such as text recognition, voice recognition, NPL and machine learning is used in the background of both everyday devices and more complex systems. The fast growth of this area, especially the introduction of new algorithms that allow machine learning to replicate the way humans learn, gives rise to various complex questions. These include questions about design, development cost and commercialisation, as well as ethics, environmental impact and how to reduce the carbon footprint of AI technologies.   

The legal questions

AI gives rise to tricky legal questions, partly because the term “AI” has no fixed definition. An AI solution is usually the combination of different technologies that are designed to work towards a resolution. As a result AI demands a different legal approach in respect of intellectual property, particularly if the system is capable of producing “creative works”.

What machine learning and AI need in order to operate efficiently is vast amounts of data. This means that confidentiality and data protection need careful consideration at the outset, to make sure that adequate foundations are in place.

Finally, AI blurs the boundary between products and services. Autonomous systems which can make or select decisions with minimal requirement for human input raise an important legal question: to what extent should manufacturers or providers be held liable for wrong decisions made by autonomous systems? Contractual and tortious liability arising from AI and autonomous systems is different to conventional liability regimes.

Working with us

Our experience in this area enables us to provide strategic and nuanced advice in relation to both legal and commercial questions. We understand that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to automated and autonomous technology. We can work with you to provide bespoke solutions at any phase of your project and help you make the magic happen.

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