Employment Contracts & Policies

Delivering clear and effective employment contracts and policies that protect employees and the organisation. 

Clear and comprehensive employment contracts and policies are essential for protecting a business’s interests and creating a positive work environment.

They help to establish clear expectations and guidelines for employees, reduce the risk of misunderstandings and ultimately the risk of serious conflict or dispute.  They are part of the important foundations of running an organisation, guiding how it operates and covering the issues that will determine operational success including protecting confidential information, providing a safe working environment, embedding family friendly policies and protecting reputation. 

Every business has unique needs and challenges that will vary by location, size and sector.  We work closely with our clients to develop contracts and policies that are compliant with the relevant rules, and which are tailored to the organisations specific needs and market challenges. Importantly, putting in place employment contracts and policies that reflect the organisations values and strategies. We can create bespoke documents or provide templates that can be reused with our support. 

With employment rules and regulations regularly changing, we also regularly help clients to keep everything up to date, carrying out reviews to ensure a compliant and best practice approach and providing bespoke training where needed to ensure cross firm engagement and compliance.

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