Alternative Lenders

Working with alternative lenders and borrowers to deliver alternative sources of finance to meet the business or project need.

We work on a range of transactions involving businesses and alternative lenders, helping to secure finance where the investment needed might not fit the requirements of more traditional sources of funding.
Alternative lending includes providers such as independent company lenders, peer-to-peer lending platforms, and crowdfunding platforms. Sourcing finance in this way has increased in popularity in recent years and more businesses and investors are now considering this as an option.
Funding sourced from alternative lenders does require a different approach to that of more traditional lending sources.  Alternative lenders as a source of finance have tended to be more suitable for businesses or investors with a limited track record, or where the opportunity that needs funding is unusual and the potential business case less clear. It is also increasingly attractive because it can provide quicker and more flexible access to funding. 

Our team have extensive experience working with a range of alternative lenders and businesses seeking finance from alternative sources and can advise at every stage from consideration through to advising on any structuring, drafting or due diligence. 

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