Corporate Lending & Re-financing

Advising on new debt facilities or refinancing existing debt to secure the capital that can underpin business success.

We have significant experience working with corporates and banks to put in place the finance needed to support a company’s operational needs and expansion plans.  

Corporate lending & refinancing is a crucial path that many businesses take to access the capital they need or to manage the cost of the existing debt that they have where that needs to be replaced.
Re-financing existing debt can be a requirement where the repayment period needs extending, to take advantage of lower interest rates or better deals, or to provide additional funds.
Whether securing new debt or refinancing existing debt, we can advise on the best approach, help to negotiate the terms and complete any necessary finance documentation or agreements.  We can also advise on the type of loan to suit the business need, whether a term loan with fixed repayment terms or revolving credit facilities for example. 

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