How will my lawyer work with me?

We can’t speak for all lawyers here and this is a conversation we’d recommend that you always have with your intended advisors before appointing them. At Ashfords we like to think of ourselves as part of your team – you’ll have a dedicated Ashfords team working on your transaction and we want you to be able to drop us a line or pick up the phone as you would with a trusted colleague. When we are working on your investment round we are focussed on bringing it to a successful close as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Note that in most investment scenarios your lawyer will be instructed by and will act for your company (rather than for you personally). This means that they will be acting in the company’s best interests and not necessarily in your personal interests – however, as the founders and management of the company they will still of course need to take instructions from you and will guide you through provisions which impact on you personally. It would be very uncommon for you and the company to take separate legal representation when going through an investment round.

We have more FAQs covering a range of topics to help your business available here.

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