FAQs for scaling businesses

Below are a list of FAQs that you may find useful as you look to grow your business.


Five reasons why a formal contract is good business at every stage

When to use an NDA

Contract rules when selling to consumers

How to terminate a contract


Why managing risk as you scale should be further up your priority list

Why insurance should be a critical part of your risk strategy


Pitfalls to watch out for when protecting your IP


Ten legal considerations when selling online

The five important documents to have on your website


Considerations when using agents overseas

Do I need an agreement with my distributors?

What’s the difference between franchising and licensing?


Can I get a scale-up visa?

Can I get a skilled worker visa?

Software Licensing

A guide to software licensing


Directors' duties and liabilities

Working with lawyers

How will my lawyer work with me?

Company basics

Why do lawyers keep asking for my company's "statutory books"?


What is SEIS/EIS?

What are the SEIS/EIS conditions?

Do I need "advance assurance" for SEIS/EIS?

When can SEIS/EIS applications be sent to HMRC?


What is an "ASA"?

Employment Law: contracts

Do we need employment contracts?

Do we need an employee handbook?

Can you send us a template employment contract and employee/staff handbook?

Can an individual provide services as a consultant?

I am a director, should I be engaged on a service agreement or a consultancy agreement?

Is a consultancy agreement required?

Employment Law: pay

Can staff agree not to take a wage at the outset and/or when additional funding is awaited?

When do IR35 and Off-Payroll Working Rules need to be considered? 

Shares and employment taxes

Employee shareholders – what are the risks?

How can a company incentivise employees through equity in a tax efficient way?

Should we transfer shares between founders?

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