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WELCOME TO OUR Business scale-up hub

At Ashfords we love working with people who are turning great ideas into the next generation of businesses, and we are privileged to work with some of the most exciting growing businesses in the UK and beyond, as well as some of the world's leading venture capital funds.

From speaking to founders and investors alike, we understand that access to legal expertise for new businesses can be challenging when they are striving to accomplish so much with limited resources. We have developed this area on our website to provide a selection of resources & insights to help introduce some of the main topics from a legal perspective, and when you need it - our team can help your business take the next step in its growth, whatever that looks like.

Our resources help businesses every step of the way, ranging from our extensive FAQs covering many of the legal points start-up and scaling businesses should know, to more detailed guides and articles on specific areas (see, for example, our Guide to the New National Security & Investment Act). You can also find useful document templates, as well as find out more about our work and how we have helped other growing businesses realise their ambitions.

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