Relevant Experience Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

  • Acting for an overseas company in a multi-million dollar claim against an European Bank.
  • Acting in a multi million dollar arbitration against an overseas entity.
  • Acting on a $20 million claim on behalf of a major European bank.
  • Acting for development client in multi million pound claim for professional negligence relating to compulsory purchase of land.
  • Representing three Defendants in a two-year long running libel case.
  • Advising on contractual issues relating to an oil development project.
  • Advising on aspects of English law in connection with a multi million pound international arbitration.
  • Providing evidence to foreign courts and arbitrators on matters of English law.


  • Advising in relation to potential application for injunction against TV broadcaster to restrain publication of a documentary feature.
  • Obtaining an injunction to enforce non-competition restrictions contained within a franchise agreement
  • Advice to company CEO in relation to threatened injunction to enforce restrictive covenants in Service Contract
  • Representing shareholder in obtaining an injunction for specific performance of shareholders agreement and restraining distribution of company funds
  • Freezing order obtained against alleged fraudster
  • Injunction to restrict nuisance activity occurring at adjacent premises
  • Representing professional services firm

Business Support – Liability Claims

  • Knowing when to settle: advising in relation to a fatal accident involving a passenger in our insured's vehicle. Our insured driver had no memory of the crash and was in a vulnerable psychological condition and potentially suicidal. The deceased's parents had both attended the accident scene and suffered PTSD. We gathered evidence at an early stage and were able to provide a realistic valuation of the claim which enabled an early settlement offer. We obtained a contribution from another party. In doing so, we were able to reduce the emotional and psychological impact of the litigation process on all parties
  • Being robust on costs: advising in relation to a straightforward RTA case where C had instructed his solicitors late and had to issue proceedings. We argued that there had been unreasonable delay and that C should not be able to recover costs on hourly rate basis but instead be limited to predictable costs. We enforced our position by ensuring that quantum of the claim was agreed soon after medical evidence was served. As a result C recovered less than a third of the value of costs claimed. Our role was to ensure that the C's solicitors did not achieve a "windfall" on costs due to failure to pursue case with diligence
  • Recognising a weak claim: advising a local authority where C allegedly fell in pot hole. Primary liability admitted but causation disputed because of discrepancies in evidence. C speaks English as second language. C put to proof regarding the circumstances of the accident. no offers made. Counsel advised settle but C solicitors eventually offered a "drop hands" which was happily accepted by our client
  • Support with the Portal Process: we can provide a quick "health check" on stage 2 negotiations to ensure that only the right cases proceed to stage 3, thereby avoiding unnecessary cost and delay
  • 100% commitment on all cases: whether the claim is allocated to the small claims track or has a reserve set in excess of £5m, we know that our clients want to win the right cases and that preparation and forward thinking are the key to success.

Lender claims

  • Advising on a multi-million pound, multi-jurisdictional claim against a specialist firm of surveyors relating to the valuation and development of two state-of-the-art neurological rehabilitation properties. The matter involved advising on a long history of lending and refinancing made in reliance on a series of seven valuations.
  • Advising on claims against solicitor, valuer and project manager advisors to the lender regarding a complex development site in West Yorkshire. The matter involved issues of causation and contribution raised by the defendants, and complex planning evidence.
  • Advising in respect of a claim against solicitors concerning a development site in the Midlands, for failing to advise in relation to restrictions and covenants on the title to the lender's security.
  • Advising on a multi-million pound claim against an international firm of surveyors concerning a large leisure development on the Isle of Wight.
  • Advising on a claim against a large national firm of surveyors regarding a negligent over-valuation of a guest house in South London. The defendant brought in the lender's former solicitors, adding further complexity to an already complex claim.

Companies, Directors and Shareholders

  • Representing Company in relation to dispute regarding issues arising on restructure / demerger
  • Advising Shareholder in relation to application to wind-up company on 'Just and Equitable' grounds
  • Advising shareholder in relation to concerns regarding director's misfeasance / denial of dividends and presenting petition alleging unfairly prejudicial conduct
  • Representing Company Directors in relation to allegations of breach of directors' statutory and fiduciary duties and allegations of breach of warranty in relation to share subscription.
  • Application to Court to force registration of share transfer
  • Representing Directors in relation to allegations of breach of fiduciary duty and upon threatened derivative proceeding, by minority shareholder.