Fraud & Investigations

Helping you to recover assets and funds from within the UK or across the world and defending those facing accusations of fraudulent behaviour.

Receive practical, business-oriented, and empathetic legal guidance from our expert team who specialise in combating fraud, recovering assets, and conducting internal investigations.

Fraud can have devastating effects on individuals and businesses and more often than not, will require expert legal advice in order to trace and regain any lost funds. We act for both victims of fraud and the defendants to civil fraud allegations.

Our team are here to make sure that we identify and recover any stolen money and assets from anywhere in the world and to also defend those accused of fraudulent behaviour. Our experience tells us where to look, how to identify improper activity, to understand financial concealment and to know when our client’s interests are best served by a criminal report or by civil action.

Fraud is an area where it is crucial to move with speed, using an arsenal of procedures and steps to secure assets from disposal and to maximise the chances of recovery. Fraud cases are often amongst the most complex where it is crucial to engage an experienced and skilled team, which can identify fraud and asset migration and who are familiar with the procedures most likely to aid recovery.

With our pragmatic and commercial approach, we can help you navigate the complexities of these issues and protect your interests. We have extensive experience dealing with fraud cases and will ensure that we build a plan of action centred around your specific needs and desired outcomes.

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