Defamation, Privacy & Reputation

Advising on sensitive reputation and defamation cases to protect reputation, avoid damaging and unnecessary conflict and to achieve the best outcome.

Reputations are one of the most valuable assets both for individuals and businesses – sadly, with instant access to on-line media platforms, something that has taken years to build can be irreparably damaged in a matter of moments. Our team use their expertise and experience to protect clients from any risk.

Maintaining reputation is paramount for anyone. Our team provides guidance on reputation-related matters to a diverse array of clients, including prominent individuals and their families, corporations, and financial service companies, educational institutions, non-profit organisations and sports teams.

We aim to deflect adverse publicity before publication or soften the impact through positive messaging, with response strategies tailored to your requirements. The use of anti-harassment injunctions and confidentiality enforcement can be harnessed to usefully protect reputation.

We can also assist when it comes to defamation cases. We offer advice to clients regarding these matters and recognise the importance of finding a balance between the urge to react promptly and the necessity to avoid any action that could potentially have a negative effect.

Our trusted team will ensure that each case is dealt with sensitively, taking care to understand your needs and to ensure that we reach the best outcome for everyone involved.

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