We have comprehensive experience of seeking, defending and enforcing all types of injunctions including:

  • Freezing Orders
  • Search Orders
  • Disclosure Orders
  • Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants/Non-Competition Restrictions
  • Disclosure Orders/Norwich Pharmacal Orders
  • Prohibitory and Mandatory Injunctions
  • Injunctions against Third Party Publishers
  • Injunctions in relation to Intellectual Property rights.

Whether seeking an injunction, or responding to one, time is critical.  Our experienced team deal with injunctions regularly and will take a sensible, level headed and commercial approach in assessing the strength of any application before dealing with it in a proportionate and measured way. 

Technical hurdles can catch the inexperienced or unwary, but our teams familiarity with the processes, coupled with a commercial grasp of your aims will maximise your prospects for a successful outcome. 

Where an application for an injunction has merit, the timely offer of Undertakings can often undermine the application, avoiding the costs of those proceedings.


  • Enforcement of restrictions contained in commercial contracts
  • Obtaining and enforcing search orders, previously Anton Pillar orders
  • Obtained and defended freezing orders
  • Instructed to seek or defend injunctions arising from obligations contained in business contracts


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