Selling a property

4 Steps to selling a home

1. Initial Steps

  • When you put your property on the market, consider instructing us at the same time. We can then arrange for the initial paperwork and forms to be sent to you for completion. This will enable us to prepare the Contract pack as soon as a sale has been agreed.
  • Let us know as soon as you accept an offer and provide our contact details to your estate agent who will then send us details of the buyers' solicitors.

2. Legal Aspects

  • We will prepare a Contract pack and send it to the buyers' solicitors.
  • If the property is Leasehold, we will need to contact the Managing Agents to obtain further necessary information required by the buyers' solicitors.
  • We will deal with enquiries received from the buyers' solicitors. It is likely that we will require your assistance with responding to some of these enquiries as they will be in respect of your ownership of the property rather than legal issues.
  • We will arrange for you to sign the sale Contract in readiness for exchange of Contracts.

3. Exchange of Contracts

  • Once we have replied to all the buyers' solicitors' enquiries and they have received their mortgage offer, search results and the buyers' deposit, we will be in a position to exchange.
  • When contracts are exchanged the completion date is fixed (this is the date when ownership of the property will transfer to your buyer). You will need to arrange for final meter readings and arrange for the property to be ready to vacate on the day of completion.

4. Completion

  • The buyers solicitors will send us the money by telegraphic transfer. Legal completion will take place when the monies are received by us.
  • We will telephone you when completion has taken place. You must ensure the property has been cleared and take the keys to the Estate Agent who will pass them to your buyer.
  • We will arrange for payment of your Estate Agents' commission from the net proceeds of sale.

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