Personal Data in Digital Health Webinar

On the 9 July 2020 the Ashfords Healthcare Team hosted a seminar with Peloton discussing Personal data in digital health.

The webinar was a practical discussion on the issues of processing personal data and managing regulatory risk, with guest speaker Chris Macfarlane (Associate General Counsel – Peloton Interactive). Click below to watch the webinar:


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The webinar focused on:

  • Practical issues when processing personal data:

A look at the privacy issues in handling personal data within a rapid growth, Connected Health and Fitness company.

Chris Macfarlane - Associate General Counsel, Peloton Interactive (guest speaker) & Russell Moore – Legal Director, Ashfords LLP.

  • Managing Data Breaches:

A summary of the practical issues to consider when responding to a data breach, including an examination of key steps to reduce risk through preparation

Ben Derrington - Legal Director, Ashfords LLP

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