Digital Content Legal Clearance

We advise on copy clearance, advertising rules, contracts with influencers, user generated content, defamation, privacy and IP infringement disputes.

Creating engaging content for website, social media and other online promotional campaigns is business critical. In the fast paced digital environment, speed of delivery is often a priority but with that can come legal and reputational risks.

Our services

  • IP rights clearance (in particular copyright and TMs)
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant advertising laws and regulations
  • Consideration of data protection, privacy and defamation laws
  • Clearance to use user generated content (e.g. hyperlinks, memes, Gifs as well as content from vloggers, bloggers and influencers)
  • Lawful comparative advertising

We can assist you and your clients to ensure problems do not arise, through the use of our comprehensive Digital Content Clearance Service. For an agreed fixed price, the Service ensures that the content in question is checked and cleared from both a legal and regulatory perspective, prior to publication.

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