Content dispute management

The ever increasing use of digital and social media and the range of devices and platforms available means that there is more content being circulated than ever before. This inevitably increases the chances of a dispute arising. Where it does, it needs to be handled and resolved appropriately.

Our Expertise

  • IP infringement claims (in particular copyright and TMs)
  • Breaches of advertising laws and regulations
  • Data protection, privacy and defamation claims
  • Legal issues arising from user generated content (e.g. the use of hyperlinks, memes, Gifs, and digital content generated by vloggers, bloggers and influencers)
  • Comparative advertising disputes

We are experts in dispute resolution. If you or your clients are unfortunate enough to find yourselves engaged in a problematic dispute, we can assist you in finding the right solution.  Our approach is simple – to understand from the outset what our clients want to achieve and then working with them to achieve a realistic, cost effective, commercially sound settlement.

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