Anti-tax evasion

In September 2017 two new corporate criminal offences relating to tax evasion were introduced. Businesses can be made criminally liable if their 'associates' criminally facilitate tax evasion in the UK (the first offence) or overseas (the second offence).  The offences are strict liability offences but there is a defence if the business can show it had reasonable prevention procedures in place.

Our Fraud and Business Crime team provides a comprehensive service to clients in relation to the Criminal Finances Act 2017 (CFA), and can advise clients on the following

  • Identifying areas of risk and assisting with risk assessments (for example, who are the 'associates' of the business and where are the risks of tax evasion)
  • Assistance with putting in place procedures and written policies
  • Bespoke training for directors, senior managers and employees;
  • Drafting protection in contracts with associates and employment contracts
  • Advising on issues in connection with the offences that arise during mergers, acquisition and due diligence exercises;
  • A full investigatory and legal defence service where criminal proceedings have begun.

Businesses risk unlimited fines where an offence has been committed. If your business operates in the UK (however small the enterprise is here), we can guide you through the law, risks and procedures.

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