Relevant Experience Personal Injury

Personal Injury

  • Acting for a client who suffered an accident at work when his arm became trapped in machinery leading to severe crush injuries to his forearm.
  • Acting for a client who suffered a knee injury whilst on a British Airways flight after a metal refreshment trolley being pushed by a steward became in collision with his knee.
  • Acting for a client who suffered an accident at work when he fell from height through some temporary panel flooring that had not be secured correctly.
  • Acting for a client who sustained severe crushing injuries whilst working as a welder in a dockyard.
  • Acting for a client who suffered a head injury and multiple fractures after being injured whilst riding his motorbike when another car pulled out in front of him.
  • Acting for a client was who a pedestrian and was involved in a hit and run after being run over on the pavement suffering a degloving injury to her left foot requiring skin grafting.

Accidents at Work

  • Advising an employee who suffered a severe crushing injury at work and helping him to defend a claim for contributory negligence resulting in a significant out of court settlement
  • Advising the family of an employee who suffered a fatal injury at work, including providing representation and support at the Inquest.
  • Advising an ex-army cadet and successfully claiming compensation against the MOD arising from an accident while on a training exercise

Cycling Injuries

  • Acting for a cyclist who was struck by a motor vehicle suffering multiple fractures and a head injury.
  • Acting for a cyclist who having swerved to avoid a direct collision with a motor vehicle, became into collision with the road suffering severe fractures to his spine and consequential nerve damage.
  • Acting for a cyclist  who was riding to work when he was struck on the head by the wing mirror of motor vehicle, causing him to fall and sustain a serious injuries including a head injury and right skull fracture.
  • Acting for a cyclist  who was proceeding on a green light at a junction when a motor vehicle turned right across his path colliding with him and knocking him to the ground causing him to suffer a dislocation of his clavicle which required surgical intervention. 
  • Acting for a cyclist who was cycling past a line of parked cars when a motor vehicle, without warning, pulled out of the line of stationary cars into the cyclist's path. In seeking to avoid the collision, the cyclist braked hard, but was catapulted over the handlebars of his bicycle and into the road suffering a fractured clavicle.
  • Acting for numerous cyclists in the recovery of their accident damaged clothing/accessories which required repair or replacement, to include their on-board computer, helmet and cost of bicycle repair and/or replacement for usually a bespoke bike used for time trials or commuting.

Brain Injury

  • Advising the victim of a road traffic accident who suffered a severe brain injury, developing post-concussion syndrome, a cognitive disorder with mixed anxiety and mood disturbance and headaches. Arrangements were made for the victim to be seen by several specialist experts and Counsel's assistance was also sought to ensure the correct level of compensation was achieved in respect of the past and future financial losses suffered as a consequence of that injury.
  • Advising the victim of a road traffic accident who was hit by a motor vehicle as he was crossing the road, suffering from a fractured skull and contusion on the brain with ongoing concussion at a moderate severe level.
  • Advising the victim of a road traffic accident who suffered a fracture to the skull with bone splintering and an increased epilepsy risk as a consequence of his motor vehicle being hit by another. 


  • Acting for a claimant who suffered life changing injuries and required both psychological support and extensive physiotherapy, supplied and funded under the Code by the Compensator
  • Acting for a claimant where liability is not yet agreed but where we were still able to convince the compensator that they should fund a Case Manager and any treatment which could not be offered via NHS
  • Acting for a client who needed support when he became redundant after the accident and needed help from a vocational advisor, finding work which was suitable for his disability.
  • Arranging for an elderly Client to receive a care package to ensure that she could return to her own home promptly after being discharged from hospital, despite restricted mobility. Ensuring that she maintained her independence whilst recovering.

Amputation Claims

  • Advising the victim of a road accident where she suffered amputation to her leg and arm and required adaptations to her home and robotic prostheses.
  • Advising the victim of an accident at work who suffered a below the knee amputation including introducing him to a specialist physiotherapist and prosthetic support service.
  • Advising an employee who suffered an amputation to his finger following a traumatic injury at work.