The Code for Rehabilitation published in 2015 provides a framework for injury claims "within which Claimant representatives and compensators can work together."

The purpose of the Rehabilitation Code is to promote the use of rehabilitation for the injured party at a very early stage in the compensation process. This is especially important for victims of life changing injuries.

Under the Code the injured party's immediate treatment needs are assessed as soon as possible and treatment is then agreed. Funding is provided by the compensator. This helps the injured Claimant make the best possible recovery.

All claims will be subject to the same ten "markers" which should be taken into account when assessing rehabilitation needs:

  • Age
  • Pre-accident physical and psycho-social issues
  • Return to work/education
  • Dependants living at home
  • Geography
  • Mental capacity
  • Short- and long-term daily living activities
  • Realistic goals
  • Fatalities/witnessing a major trauma
  • How long ago the accident occurred

Case Managers are involved in the higher value more complex injury cases.  They are independently appointed under the Code and usually have a background of nursing or occupational therapy.


  • We work with a number of specialist providers of rehabilitation services
  • We have expert knowledge of the Rehabilitation Code and how it applies to our clients

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