Estate disputes

The administration of a deceased person’s estate can be straightforward, but if a dispute arises, whether between the executors and beneficiaries, amongst the beneficiaries, or between the executors themselves, this can cause delay and complexity, and can result in significant costs being incurred all round.

Estate administration disputes

Estate disputes can arise:

  • between executors and beneficiaries
  • between executors
  • about how the estate assets should be distributed between the beneficiaries
  • about the valuation of the estate assets
  • about what assets belong to the estate

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Disputes can bring the administration of an estate to a standstill.  We recommend that you seek specialist legal advice promptly so that any conflicts can be resolved as quickly and as cost effectively as possible and the estate administration can proceed. 

Whether you are an executor or beneficiary, our dedicated Disputed Wills and Trusts Team advise in relation to all estate administration disputes. No estate administration procedure is exactly the same and our fees will reflect the complexity of the estate. You can view our fees here.

If you would like advice on an estate administration dispute or any other inheritance or trust dispute, please contact our Disputed Wills and Trusts Team on freephone 0800 0931336, or by email for a no obligation chat to see how we can help you.

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