The Ashfords Unlocking AI Podcast - Episode 1: A legal revolution - will AI be the death of lawyers?

“AI isn’t going to replace lawyers, but lawyers who use AI will replace lawyers who do not.”

Anusheh Burcher, Claire Boucher and Liam Tolen, part of Ashfords’ commercial litigation team, discuss how they feel about AI implementing itself into the world of law.

This podcast episode, the first in our Unlocking AI series, explores the possibilities of AI in the future and how it could change the shape of the legal market.

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The Unlocking AI Podcast

Dive into the fascinating world of AI and the law with our series of engaging episodes, to uncover how AI could shape the future.

We’ve invited our clients and legal experts for captivating discussions on the topic, ranging across different sectors including intellectual property, technology, commercial litigation plus construction and infrastructure.

Ashfords Unlocking AI Podcast

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