The Ashfords Unlocking AI Podcast - Episode 4: How is AI empowering lawyers to do more?


Founded in 2013 by practicing litigators, DISCO brings together AI, cloud computing and data analytics to provide an advanced e-discovery software to legal practices. The all-in-one platform offers processing, case assessments, managed reviews and production services.

2023 has been a ‘watershed’ year for AI, with many questions and concerns how it will affect the world of law. Philip Demetriou, Senior Director at DISCO, sits down with Anusheh, partner in Ashfords’ commercial disputes team, to demystify the stigma surrounding AI. The podcast illustrates how artificial intelligence is used in DISCO’s platform and how it can improve legal outcomes for all. What does the future hold for AI and litigation?

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The Unlocking AI Podcast

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Ashfords Unlocking AI Podcast

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