Caveats and Probate

Issuing a warning to a caveat

A caveat is entered at the Probate Registry to prevent the issue of a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. Once a caveat is in place, the Personal Representative will not be able to administer the estate until it has been removed.  

How do I enter a caveat?

A caveat is entered by lodging the prescribed application (PA8A) form at the Probate Registry, either via post or by submitting the online application form, and paying the fee (currently £3.00). 

A caveat will only remain in place for six months (but it can be renewed on expiry).  You should use this time to investigate your claim and/or try to resolve any issues or concerns. 

How to stop probate

Can a caveat be removed?

As set out above, a caveat only remains in place for six months, unless it is renewed. The Personal Representative can, however, also take steps to try and have it removed. To challenge a caveat, the Personal Representative must lodge a "Warning" at the Probate Registry. There is no fee for the Warning. 

The Warning is then served on the person who entered the caveat. They will then have fourteen days to "enter an Appearance" at the Probate Registry. There is no fee for the Appearance.

If there is a failure to enter an Appearance, an affidavit of service of the Warning needs to be lodged with the Probate Registry and then the caveat will be removed and the Personal Representative will be able to apply for a grant. If, however, an Appearance is entered then the caveat will remain in place until the issues are resolved and the caveat is removed by consent of the parties or by Court Order.

In many cases it is removed by consent once the substantive issues are resolved or an agreed way to proceed is identified.

If you wish to lodge a caveat it is essential that you do so as soon as possible to avoid a grant of representation being obtained. We do recommend that you seek legal advice as soon as you are able to, to try to resolve any issues by consent and avoid court proceedings if possible.

Our specialist will dispute and contentious probate solicitors offer a fixed fee service to prepare and send the caveat to the Probate Registry. If you would like to instruct us in this regard, please complete the form below and a member of our Disputed Wills and Trusts Team will be in contact with you shortly (alternatively, you can contact us by freephone on 0800 093 1336, or email for a no obligation chat to see how we can help you).

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