Why we should all have a Lasting Power of Attorney

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A misconception that I regularly encounter is that it is only the 'elderly' who need a power of attorney.

This begs the question of course as to what we personally consider is 'elderly'.  I find that as our own age creeps up, what we determine to be an 'elderly' persons age also creeps up too.

However, the linked article, which I am sorry  to read of the circumstances that has caused it to be written,  as it recounts a very tragic event, does make a compelling argument as to why we should all at least consider putting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Unfortunately mental capacity can be taken away at any time by an accident and without a registered Lasting Power of Attorney in place means that our loved ones are put into a very difficult position in managing our affairs, whilst we are incapacitated.

Whilst we often only think about the management of financial affairs in such circumstances, this article goes to the heart of the reasoning as to why it is also important to have a Lasting Power of Attorney covering your Health and Welfare decisions.

A carefully considered and drafted Health & Welfare Power of Attorney can not only cover life sustaining decisions but can record your outlook on life and your personal preferences regarding all aspects of what makes you, 'you' for example your food, clothing and accommodation preferences, as well as recording your views on medical treatment.  In this family's case having the POA in place assisted in very difficult circumstances.

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