The Lex 100 - Ashfords LLP awarded in 3 categories

Ashfords LLP is delighted to have been announced a Lex 100 Winner for 2019//20 for three categories - Job Satisfaction, Firm living up to expectations and Work/Life balance.

The Lex 100 is an awards body that Ashfords engage with and is highly regarded amongst students considering a career in legal.  A list of the top 100 firms for training contracts is published annually, based on requirements such as work/life balance, quality of work, vacation scheme and many more.

Ashfords is extremely proud to have obtained these awards which are a result of the annual trainee survey The Lex 100 conduct. The survey gathered 2,500 anonymous responses from trainees at 130 law firms across the UK. Trainees assigned scores relating to 12 different aspects of trainee life at their firm.

The 2019/20 results are now live at and Ashfords’ profile can be accessed here. The next Lex 100 trainee survey opens in January 2020.

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