Public Sector Bulletin - 23 October 2017

On 12th September 2017, MPs voted to take the Bill one step closer to being written into domestic law. The Bill will repeal the current European Communities Act 1972 and convert all existing EU legislation into UK law to ensure there are no gaps on the day that the EU and UK part ways. Furthermore, the Bill will allow (albeit controversially) for the government to create powers to "correct the statute book" where necessary without the full scrutiny of Parliament to help the transposed EU law work outside of its remit.

In light of this recent development, and in addition to the ongoing Brexit negotiations, we have asked lawyers who regularly undertake work for public sector clients to provide examples of how the recent Brexit developments will affect their areas of work


What role will trade unions have in securing the rights of workers granted by EU law?

Since Britain's decision to leave the EU was announced in June 2016, the Trades Union Congress ("TUC") has been campaigning to ensure "a jobs and rights-first Brexit".

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What will happen to procurement procedures ongoing at the time of Brexit? How will public procurement procedure be regulated after Brexit?

This article considers the potential impact of the current Brexit negotiations and the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill on present and future public procurement regimes.

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