In-house Legal Bulletin - February 2017

Supreme Court rules on the disability polices companies must have in place when dealing with the general public

In FirstGroup Plc v Paulley the Supreme Court was asked to assess an appeal by a wheelchair user. The issue arose from the refusal of a passenger with a pushchair to give up a wheelchair space in favour of the wheelchair user. The Supreme Court held that the operating company had not taken enough action to protect the disabled customer and simply placing a sign requesting non-wheelchair users to give up a wheelchair space was not enough.

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Negotiations and the conclusion of a contract

The High Court has recently given judgment in a case where the parties failed to reach agreement on the terms of a commercial contract, with harsh consequences for the party in default.

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Ancillary Offences: Former Sweett Group Managing Director Jailed for Destruction of Evidence

Richard Kingston (a former Managing Director of Sweett Group plc, a construction and professional services company) has been jailed having been found guilty of destroying evidence relating to an ongoing Serious Fraud Office (SFO) bribery and corruption investigation.

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