In-house Legal Bulletin - April 2016

Terminating for repudiatory breach at common law

In a recent Commercial Court case, Mr Justice Teare considered whether the party terminating for repudiatory breach at common law was required to follow the notice provision set out in the contract.

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ACAS launch new guide for employing apprentices and young workers

The guide provides advice to employers on how to manage, support and retain young workers. It also details the additional special protections for apprentices and workers under the age of 18.

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People with significant control over a company

A new requirement for unlisted companies to keep a register of people with significant control over the company, or PSC register, has just come into force.

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The fall of the corporate veil - when company offences can cause personal problems

There have always been exceptions to the protection offered by the corporate veil. The modern regulatory system, however, has created a wide variety of corporate offences for which senior company officials can find themselves liable. Anybody with senior decision making power within a company should know how and when they could be personally facing potential criminal charges.

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