Welcome to the Ashfords Trainee blog

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Welcome to the Ashfords Trainee blog - here a group of eager and budding Trainee Solicitors will be discussing various topics surrounding starting off your career as a Trainee Solicitor and key hints and tips that we have learnt along the way.

Our aim is to provide support and guidance to anyone looking to start a training contract with first-hand experiences from us, the Trainees at Ashfords. We will be discussing the best ways on how to prepare for your training contract, our tips from what we have learnt so far, leading onto how to overcome stress near exam time, things to consider during seat rotation and getting the right balance between work study and your personal life. Our blog will also introduce you to our Trainee Solicitors and find out what made us choose Ashfords and what we have learnt from being a Trainee Solicitor so far.

To find out more information about Trainee opportunities at Ashfords, please click here.

The Trainee Solicitors have a Twitter account - @AshfordsTrainee. Feel free to tweet us with your questions about what it takes to become a Trainee Solicitor.

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