Lasting Powers of Attorney

Advising on preparing a Lasting Powers of Attorney so that you can plan for the future and who might have control over your financial or health and wellbeing affairs.

People can become unable to manage their affairs at any stage of life. An accident, physical ill health or the onset of mental illness may make everyday tasks such as paying bills, managing a budget and making financial and welfare decisions difficult, stressful and, in some cases, impossible.

By preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney, you have control over who will help you manage your affairs in relation to your finances or your health and well-being. A Lasting Power of Attorney helps you plan for the future and prepare for life-changing or unexpected events.

Problems can arise if you lose your mental capacity but do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney or an existing Enduring Power of Attorney in place. If decisions need to be made on your behalf the Court of Protection will appoint a ‘Deputy’ to act for you, but the Court may not necessarily appoint someone you would have chosen yourself. This is also a much more expensive and time-consuming alternative to making a Lasting Power of Attorney.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney and you may choose to make one or both:

  • Financial decisions - your attorney(s) can manage your property and finances on your behalf e.g., buy and sell property and manage your business or other investments.
  • Health and care decisions - your attorney(s) can make decisions regarding social care and medical treatment, including giving or refusing consent to life sustaining treatment.

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