Traffic offences

Pricing Information for advice and assistance in relation to summary only motoring offences under Part 1 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and s.89 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

We can represent you on the full range of road traffic offences, wherever you may be based in the UK.

We find that we are able to provide clients with a better service when we charge hourly rates rather than fixed fees. In relation to summary only offences (i.e offences that can only be heard in the Magistrates' Court) we provide the following service and rates.

The service we provide includes:

  • Considering evidence.
  • Providing advice in relation to plea and likely sentence.
  • Where we cannot anticipate the likely sentence, advice on the options available to the court in relation to sentencing.
  • Where appropriate, advice on whether an exceptional hardship, or special reasons argument should be made
  • Sourcing experts - their fees are called disbursements and will be charged in addition to our fees. We will always seek your approval before instructing experts.
  • Where appropriate, draft and serve detailed representations in an effort to persuade the Crown Prosecution Service or the Police to withdraw proceedings without the need to attend Court on the basis that they either do not have sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction or that it is not in the public interest to prosecute.

The key stages of your matter are based on the presumption that you have entered a guilty plea and have a date for your hearing.

  • Meet with your solicitor to provide instructions on what happened.
  • We will consider initial disclosure, and any other evidence and provide advice.
  • Arranging to take any witness statements if necessary.
  • We will explain the court procedure to you so you know what to expect on the day of your hearing, and the sentencing options available to the court.
  • We will conduct any further preparatory work, obtain further instructions from you if necessary and answer any follow up queries you have.
  • We cannot provide a timescale of when your hearing will take place, as this depends on the court listing for that day.
  • We will attend court on the day and meet with you before going before the court. We generally anticipate being at court for half a day.
  • We will discuss the outcome with you and provide initial advice on appeal. Should you wish to appeal there will be an additional cost for a detailed advice and the appeal process.


We work at an hourly rate of £270 including VAT per hour. Please note that reference to VAT in this document means VAT at the current rate of 20% unless otherwise stated. The conduct of your case will be managed throughout by qualified Solicitors with extensive experience and knowledge of Road Traffic law, with a full understanding of the technical issues that arise from the legislation and case law. In order to find out more about who would be handling your instruction, their qualifications and level of experience please Key Contacts above and click through.  

No two cases are the same and our fees will reflect the particular requirements and complexities of your case. For example presenting Special Reasons for a spiked drinks argument in relation to an allegation of drink driving where expert evidence is required will be significantly more complex than providing mitigation for a low level speeding matter. The same will apply when preparing for a complex trial compared to a more straight forward one. It is therefore impracticable for us to be able to provide an accurate overall cost due to the range of variables. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss the specifics of your case and to obtain a more accurate cost estimate.

 We generally find that we can prepare your case within the costs set out below.

Mitigation, Special Reasons and Exceptional Hardship (excluding representation at Court) £1,080 - £2,400 including VAT 
Trial on a not guilty plea (excluding representation at court) £1,800 - £6,000 including VAT

Please note that reference to VAT in this document means VAT at the current rate of 20% unless otherwise stated.

Costs for Representation at Court

We offer a fixed fee for attendance at court where the hearing is within a 50 mile radius of our Exeter office. If the hearing is outside of this radius, we generally instruct a Barrister to represent you in court.

First hearing, special reasons or exceptional hardship  fixed fee of £1,200 including VAT
Half day Trial fixed fee of £1,800 including VAT
Full day Trial  Fixed fee of £2,400 including VAT 

Please note that reference to VAT in this document means VAT at the current rate of 20% unless otherwise stated.

In addition to these fixed fees, we charge 45 pence per mile for travel and charge for parking at cost.

Cost for a Barrister to provide representation at Court

Barristers fees again vary however we typically expect the following;

First hearing or mitigation £600 - £1,200 including VAT 
Half day trial £1,200 - £1,800 including VAT 
Full day trial  £1,800 - £2,400 including VAT 

Please note that reference to VAT in this document means VAT at the current rate of 20% unless otherwise stated.

Cost of other third party advisors such as collision investigators, mechanical engineers and chemical analysts.

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