Licensing Services at Ashfords

Premises Licence

As part of a food and drink property portfolio one important consideration are the licensing implications for the property and the transaction. 

These steps can involve the granting of a new licence for the sale of alcohol on or off the premises, or the transfer and variation of an existing licence. 

In certain circumstances, it can also include the amendment of an existing licence to extend hours of operation, the licensed area or to amend existing conditions. 

Other issues that can arise in relation to the transfer of the licence is the transfer to a new designated premises supervisor to enable the transfer and operation of the premises to be such that it can continue trading on transfer.

In relation to these licensing issues we can advise on the following :

  • Grant of New Licence for the sale of alcohol on or off the premises
  • Amendment of variation of existing licences to adapt to change or different market conditions
  • Transfer of Licences as part of a wider transfer including issues around a replacement designated premises supervisor.

We are also familiar with the obtaining of licences for other types of premises and venues, such as:

  • Clubs
  • Nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Outdoor Festivals
  • Retail premises

In addition to permanent licences, we are also able to assist with temporary events notices for one-off events. 

As well as the initial grant of a licence, we are also experienced in dealing with the reviews of a licence by the Licensing Authority, or potential closure or action for breach of a condition. 

Details of Lawyers who may work on the matter

Lawyer Qualification Experience Hourly Rate
Gareth Pinwell Solicitor Gareth is a partner at the firm, and has experience of alcohol licensing.  In his past career he has operated as an advisor to the Licensing Committee of Unitary Authorities and in private practice has advised a number of clients with licensing issues and regularly appears in front of licensing committees       £340
Duncan Moors Solicitor Duncan has 15years experience working within a Local Authority and has experience of advising a Licensing Committee of a Local Authority and in private practice has had opportunity to advise clients on licensing applications and appeared before licensing committees       £305
Zoe Hunt Solicitor Zoe is a solicitor in the firm, with a speciality in risk and regulation. Her experience includes advising and assisting clients both with variations of, and transfers of licence, both to assist companies in updating or amending the way they work (for example, extending operation hours) and as part of wider company transfers (for example, transfers of the Designated Premises Supervisor). 

Her regulatory practice means she is well placed to advise not only on the practical issues that arise with licence variations, but also any potential regulatory considerations.

Details of Supervisor

Gareth Pinwell will undertake supervision of matters conducted by other lawyers. 


It will take two weeks from the receipt of full instructions from you for us to make your application. This is dependant on your providing us with all the necessary documents promptly.

If the matter is more complex and substantial opposition from interested parties arises, or if there is a delay in receiving documents, the matter may take longer. 

The law requires a consultation period of 28 days following advertisement of the application and at the end of that period the Council has 20 working days to arrange a hearing if there are objections to the licence or transfer.