Residential property - charge out rates

Team who will undertake the work Status Charge per hour - including VAT
Judith Park Partner  £420
Darren Blackburn Partner and Head of Department £420
Susie Murray Partner and Head of Department £420
Philip Mogridge Consultant £240
Julia Suarez Legal Director £282
Martin Chaffey Associate £240
Donna Duncan Solicitor £270
Emma Whiting  Associate CLC £240
Katy Tyler  Chartered Legal Executive  £210
Kerry Eiserbeck  Chartered Legal Executive  £210
Jonathan Lawton  Conveyancing Executive  £210
Kim Stoneman  Conveyancing Executive  £210
Rosemary Peel  Conveyancing Executive  £210
Rosemary Gilling Conveyancing Executive  £210
Sandra Mortimer  Conveyancing Executive  £210
Sue Dendy   Licensed Conveyancer  £210
Siobhan Baker  Conveyancing Executive £210
Shelley Wreyford  Conveyancing Executive £210
Stacey Randell Licensed Conveyacer £210
Karen Young Conveyancing Executive £210
Katie Conway Conveyancing Assistant £180
Laura Prouse  Trainee Legal Executive £180
Linda Hewitt  Solicitor £162
Matt Wreyford  Trainee Licensed Conveyancer £210
Rebecca French  Trainee Solicitor £144
Sue Dack  Conveyancing Executive £120

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