Estate administration

No estate administration procedure is exactly the same and our fees will reflect the complexity of the estate and the extent to which you require us to assist you in the process. For example dealing with an estate which is subject to Inheritance Tax (IHT), or which qualifies for IHT reliefs such as Business Property, Agricultural Property or Heritage Property will have added complexities and will cost more for us to administer than a simple estate which is not subject to IHT.

In addition the number and type of beneficiaries, as well as whether there are conditions on their inheritance, or trust arrangements provided for in the Will or which arise by virtue of the Intestacy Rules will increase estate administration costs. Equally, it may be the case that there are some parts of the estate administration process that you feel able to deal with yourself and this can reduce the time that we spend on the matter, and therefore the costs accordingly. Because of this, we can't give you a reliable estimate of cost for helping you until we have full details of the estate and are advised of the scope of the work that you require us to undertake on your behalf.

We can confirm that our costs for estate administration work are charged on an hourly basis and you can see below details of the team who may work on your case.

Our fees

Our fees for obtaining a grant of representation only, where you have provide all required information in a timely manner, would ordinarily incur costs From £1,000 +VAT
For a simple estate administration fees From £3,000 +VAT, due to the number of anticipated hours spent dealing with these matters
The average price of a simple estate administration, (which as a general guide would be an estate which is worth less the current nil rate band allowance, there is a valid Will in place, is not contested, has no trust provisions and which provides for the estate to be distributed to no more than 4 UK based beneficiaries), based on 20-30 anticipated hours of time £5,000 +VAT

These figures may vary depending on the nature of the terms of the Will and the scope of the work, which is why we always give you an individual cost estimate taking into account the nuances of the estate which is to be administered. We would be happy to discuss your specific circumstances with you and provide you with a bespoke cost estimate if you would like to contact us directly.

Please see below for more detail on the work included in the above cost estimate and details of tasks that would cause the fees to increase.

Additional fees

In addition to our legal costs the process of obtaining a grant of representation incurs disbursements, which are additional costs payable to other third parties, for example court fees and Land Registry fees. These include:

The current fee for a solicitor lodged application for a grant of representation £155 and there is a charge of 50p for each official copy of the grant that it is required. Typically the fee including the office copies would be in the region of £160.
If the estate includes a registered property a fee of £6 + VAT would be paid to obtain official copies of the title, including plan,
Charge to conduct a bankruptcy search against each UK based beneficiary. £2 +VAT
Where the executors wish to place Statutory Advertisements to ensure that creditors have been notified of the death then these ordinarily cost  £250 including VAT.


Unfortunately it is impossible to provide an exact timescale for the length of time it will take to complete an estate administration as it depends on many external factors. However on average it takes 3 months to obtain the grant of probate and 6 to 9 months to complete the administration in connection with statutory provisions that impact on this timescale.

No estate administration is the same, therefore the information provided is a guide to the likely costs involved but cannot be relied upon as an accurate cost estimate for each individual matter. Please do contact us to discuss your specific circumstances so we can provide you with a bespoke cost estimate for the work involved.

Click here to view tasks that will cause costs to increase.

Team who will undertake the work

Team Status Charge-out rate per hour
Michael Alden Partner and Head of Department £300 +VAT
Tom Biddick Partner £265 +VAT
Kirstin Cook Partner £275 +VAT
John Toth Partner £400 (London) +VAT
Victoria Green Associate £210 +VAT
Jonathan Hickman Associate £210 +VAT
Beverley Keitch Associate £210 +VAT
Sarah Mansbridge Associate £210 +VAT
Georgina Carter Solicitor £185 +VAT
Laura Morse Solicitor £185 +VAT
Kelly Pimm Solicitor £165 +VAT
Katie Brimblecombe Solicitor £165 +VAT
Jenni Porteous Legal Executive £165 +VAT
Dayna Bellis Trainee Legal Executive £165  +VAT
Gemma Baldey Trainee Legal Executive £140 +VAT
Andrew Boxall Trainee Legal Executive £140 +VAT
Amelia Carling Trainee Legal Executive £140 +VAT
Daisy Peskett Trainee Legal Executive £140 +VAT
Marguerite Tucker Paralegal £140 +VAT
Emma Wheeler Paralegal £135 +VAT


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