Portal and Predictive Costs Post Jackson

Following the introduction of the Jackson Reforms, there have been a number of changes to how Road Traffic Accidents ("RTA"), Employer Liability ("EL") and Public Liability ("PL") claims operate. More specifically in relation to the Ministry of Justice ("MOJ") Portal, the changes involve:

  • The expansion of the MOJ Portal to introduce EL and PL claims;
  • The increase in the Portal limit from £10,000 to £25,000;
  • The reduction in recoverable fixed costs within the MOJ Portal;and
  • The introduction of new fixed predictive costs should the claim "fall out" of the portal.

Looking for a simple breakdown of MOJ Portal Costs Post Jackson? Please see the MOJ Portal Costs Flowchart below, which provides an easy to follow guide on the different costs that will apply to PI claims that are Pre-Jackson, Post-Jackson, and where Transitional Provisions will apply.

Should your claim "fall out" of the MOJ Portal (due to disputed liability, breach of time periods, or the value exceeding £25,000.00), the new Predictive Fixed Costs will apply.  The document below provides a breakdown of the new Predictive Fixed Costs that "fall out" of the MOJ Portal.

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