Need To Know: Protecting your pitch

Ashfords' Chairman Mark Lomas, Head of IP Law and part of Ashfords Technology Sector Group, discusses in TechSPARK, when pitching an idea to potential investors, and business partners what are the best ways to protect your idea.

When starting off a business idea you need to enlist help from a vast range of people. No one does it alone. In order to make sure your idea does not get copied before you reach the market, you need to make sure you have protection in place to prevent this from happening.

Mark Lomas explores the importance of being able to identify what information needs to be protected, the correct use of NDA's, knowing and adjusting to your audience, getting the balance right of not providing too much enabling information whilst making sure your audience are clear on what your pitch is about, plus the option of looking into IP Litigation insurance if you need to assert your rights.

To read the full blog post on TechSPARK UK, please click here.

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