ICO Age Appropriate Design Code: who, what and why?

At the start of this month the ICO's Age Appropriate Design Code came into force - it applies to information society services likely to be accessed by children.

What is an Information Society Service?

Websites offering goods or services for users to purchase over the internet, as well as applications and other online services offering content or educational material are all likely to be considered information society services.

What is the aim of the Code?

The Code includes 15 flexible standards which, as set out by the Information Commissioner, provide: “built-in protection to allow children to explore, learn and play online by ensuring that the best interests of the child are the primary consideration when designing and developing online services”.

Ultimately the aim is to place the safety of children at the heart of the build and design process for online services.

When do I need to comply by?

There is a 12 month transition period for businesses to comply, expiring September 2021, however a lot of the principles set out in the code are consistent with the current position under applicable data protection law. For this reason businesses should take action to review the Code and ensure that their business development strategy aligns with the standards set out within it.

If you need advice on complying with the Code, please contact our Data Protection Team.

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