Cycling into the Sunset?

In the first six days of 2015, five cyclists were killed on British roads. This is a shocking figure by any reckoning, and demonstrates that cycling safety in Britain is not what it should be.

A potential giant leap for cycling safety was made in January 2015 when an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill was approved by the Commons that will legally oblige the government to create a 'cycling and walking investment strategy' with its own budget.

This Bill, coupled with new plans by Transport for London and London Mayor Boris Johnson to provide London with an all new 'bike Crossrail' - a cycling 'superhighway' that will provide cyclists with their own space - appears to be moving in the right direction as far as cycle safety is concerned.

Campaigns such as the Times Newspaper's 'Cities fit for Cycling' and organisations such as THINK! are trying their hardest to raise awareness for the plight of the nation's cyclists. These campaigns will receive a boost if the infrastructure is put in place to ensure more of our roads are made safe for cyclists.

These moves in the nation's capital are a welcome step in the right direction. But when will we see cycle highways in the country's regional hubs? Hopefully pushing the government to put more money into this area will go some way towards solving the problem.

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