Ashfords' In-House Legal Bulletin - May 2019

This month's bulletin brings you a brief update on where an English parent company may become liable for its subsidiary's activities, how the limitation period is calculated in cases of a "midnight" deadline, and what would be considered as an adequate response to a subject access request.

When may a parent company be liable for the actions of a subsidiary?

The Supreme Court has recently clarified the circumstances in which a parent company may be liable for the harmful consequences of a subsidiary’s activities.

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Beware: Limitation and the ‘midnight’ deadline

The Court of Appeal has provided useful clarification on how to calculate the expiry of a limitation period in cases of a ‘midnight’ deadline.  

The key question before the Court of Appeal was, as formulated by the trial judge, “when a cause of action is completely constituted at the very first moment of a particular day, does that day fall to be included when calculating the applicable six years’ limitation period or does it fall to be excluded?”.  

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Subject Access Requests

An important decision was issued in April 2019 by the Hight Court in relation to Subject Access Requests.  Whilst the decision related to a request made under the old (pre-GDPR) data protection regime, the principles will also apply to the current regime.

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