Ashfords In-house Legal Bulletin - May 2017

Caution advised after waste scam could cost business £300,000

The Environment Agency has issued two warnings aimed at farmers after several incidents where bales of waste were dumped as part of a scam. Farmers were approached and offered a delivery of tarmac road planings that could be used to repair their tracks and yards. However, after accepting the offer, bales of landfill waste were dumped on their land instead, leaving them with an environmental liability as well as the costs for transporting the waste to authorised disposal sites.

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Indirect Discrimination - but why is it happening?

As legal practitioners may know, indirect discrimination occurs when an employer implements a "provision, criterion or practice" (or PCP) which affects the entire workforce, but which in reality puts an employee (or some employees) with a certain "protected characteristic" at a disadvantage compared with others.

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Contractual interpretation and bad drafting

The Supreme Court has reviewed the principles of contractual interpretation in a recent case arising from a share purchase agreement.

Under the agreement, Capita Insurance Services Limited bought an insurance broker, Sureterm Direct Limited, from Mr Andrew Wood and others.

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