Ashfords' In-House Legal Bulletin - April 2019

Pay attention to the notices clause

Notices clauses, those setting out how contracting parties must serve notices, and when they are deemed received, are often overlooked in the heat of negotiations. A recent case serves as a useful reminder to understand and comply with contractual notice requirements. Although GPP Big Field LLP & Anor v Solar EPC Solutions SL [2018] EWHC 2866 focussed on whether delay damages constituted a penalty, the judgment also highlighted the perils of failing to give notice in the prescribed format.

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Neurodiversity - what does it mean for employers and employees?

"Creating an inclusive working environment will benefit your workforce on the whole but is of particular importance to employees with neurodivergent conditions."

Neurodiversity refers to individuals whose brains function, learn and process information differently.  Typical neurodivergent conditions include dyslexia, autism, Attention Deficit Disorders, dyspraxia and other neurological conditions.  It is estimated that around 1 in 7 people in the UK are neurodivergent. 

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CVAs and "savvy" tenants: points to note for retail landlords

The continuing power shift in commercial Landlord-Tenant relationships in the retail sector has been leaving many a frustrated landlord with unenviable decisions to make. Sustained economic uncertainty and the well-documented struggles of the British high street have yielded the rise of increasingly savvy commercial tenants. 2018 was a year of many high-profile CVAs (Company Voluntary Agreement), with businesses scrambling to cut their costs, and landlords often taking the brunt. Several trends have arisen from this, applicable within and outside CVAs. Here are some key points landlords should be aware of.

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