Ashfords' In-house Legal Bulletin - April 2018

Protecting your employees from sexual harassment in the workplace

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has recently published a report: 'Turning tables: ending sexual harassment at work' ("the Report"). It makes recommendations for improvements that employers could make, highlighting that there is a need to transform workplace cultures, promote transparency and strengthen legal protections.

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Directors’ fiduciary duties and the conversion of company property

The Supreme Court has recently held that directors who have caused company property to be transferred to another company under their control may be liable to restore the proceeds even after expiry of the six-year limitation period.

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Service of the Claim Form: Playing 'technical games' considered breach of solicitor's duty to further the overriding objective

Master Bowles' recent decision in the case of Woodward v Phoenix Healthcare Ltd [2018] EWCH 334 (Ch) (16 March 2018) has been met with surprise and highlights the difficult line solicitors sometimes tread between acting in the best interests of their client whilst continuing to further the overriding objective.

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