A conversation with OurFamilyWizard: guiding separated families through co-parenting

OurFamilyWizard is the leading co-parenting app for divorced or separated families, accepted by courts across England and Wales. The app currently supports over 1,000,000 separated parents to communicate effectively across the globe, with features including the Tone Meter, a shared calendar, expense log and documented, uneditable messages. The app also has the ability for client’s to share access with their lawyers. 

Samantha Newton and Isobel Massey, part of Ashfords’ family team, interview world-renowned tech and cyber security expert Steven Bradley from OurFamilyWizard. Topics include how AI is used within the successful app to help separated couples navigate co-parenting, to help reduce conflict, minimise stress and ensure an accurate and time stamped record of all communications. In addition to this, the development of technology and the potential evolution of AI in the family law space are explored.

AI is an innovative tool that is prevalent in our everyday lives, but how will it evolve? Samantha, Isobel and Steven also discuss how AI could assist people in the future.

At Ashfords, we regularly see families benefit from the use of co-parenting apps including OurFamilyWizard. Our experts can support and advise on your unique situation, to help your family find the right solution as you look to the future. Please contact Samantha Newton and Isobel Massey, part of our family team, for further information.

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